The conversation went something like this....
Alyas "Mom I want my own business, what do you think?"
Mom: "Well what do you want to do?"
Alyas: "I don't know"
Mom: "Well think of a problem, and then figure out a way to sell the solution"
Months Later it was settled... we would create clothes that would celebrate black culture, promote self confidence and most importantly be comfortable.
For Centuries Black people without effort have shown out when it comes to their fashions, so we thought, why stop there? Why not feel good about your clothing too? Why not let is make a statement, with our designs the clothes to speak for themselves. #Literally
Unapologetically showcasing our value. Unapologetically celebrating our culture. Unapologetically loving ourselves... We're Unapologetically BLACK. We are 
Alyas and Amirr